The Hearty Leaf 

We love succulents, and so will you.

Our workshops are a fun experience that will live with you for a long time as you learn a skill that keeps on giving.  You will learn how to create a living piece of art with your succulent arrangement.  We’ll include tips and tricks to help keep your new plant pet alive, along with some education on succulent potting and propagation so that you can grow your own collection of succulent arrangements.


Do you know someone that kills every plant? Maybe that someone is even you?  Succulents are a brown thumb's best friend. Gift your friend with a Succulent workshop and together you will create and learn how to keep these dessert beauties alive and thriving!


It started with a small cactus that was maybe about 6 inches tall.  25 years later, it now sits in our house over 7 feet tall. Another party favor that was just 2 inches, now five years later, is a flourishing bushel of jade. With the right care and the right love, we know that everyone will be able to enjoy a succulent arrangement that grows and warms your heart just the same.


Certainly, some succulents are harder than others, but one thing is for sure, putting an arrangement together and caring for your succulents, gives you the plant therapy you need to help reduce stress, bring fresh oxygen into your home and focus on nature's beauty. We created The Hearty Leaf to share this experience with you. We love succulents and so will you!


We provide succulent arrangement workshops for social and corporate events or partnerships. For events or parties, we provide succulent centerpieces, party favors and even a succulent bar for guests. 

Whether you are succulent obsessed like we are or just dipping your toe into these desert plants, join us for one of our succulent workshops! 

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