Plant Magnetism - How They Improve Your Life.

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Follow any plant-related Facebook or Instagram account and it’s soon apparent that once an interest in houseplants develops, it can quickly turn into an obsession. What are plants giving us that was previously missing?

Tending to my plants- watering, repotting, checking on lighting, feeding, etc- helps me recenter, destress and slow down from the hectic pace of life. We all know plants provide oxygen, but did you know plants also improve indoor air quality by absorbing toxins and dust particles in the air and increasing humidity? Research shows that even the color of plants promotes relaxation and eases stress. No wonder plants make us feel so good!

With more and more time being spent indoors in front of electronic devices, having houseplants in our homes can restore the feeling of being one with nature. Studies show, being close to nature reduces mental fatigue, decreases stress and boosts self-esteem. I personally find when I’m stuck on a problem, taking a break to check on my plants helps me clear my mind and, during that time, I usually find a solution to the issue.

With each new plant I bring into my home, there is a period of research and knowledge building about how to best care for the new plant. When I started collecting succulents, I learned that they need special soil to survive, each variety needs different amounts of sunlight each day and has specific water needs. Just the fact that succulents hold water in their leaves was news to me and helped me understand why it’s so important not to overwater them. As my plant collection grows, I gain more knowledge and realize there’s always more to learn. A houseplant hobby also helps nurture the creative side of the brain. Clustering different types of succulents in unique planters and using different types of decorative matter are great ways to express oneself creatively.

There are so many appealing aspects of plants that it's not surprising that once an interest in plants develops, that interest can skyrocket. Plants can improve the health of your home, are aesthetically pleasing, reduce stress levels and help increase knowledge and boost creativity. If you haven’t explored the world of plants, I highly recommend giving them a chance.

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