The World Needs More Plants



Scratch that. YOU need more plants in your home. Research conducted by NASA has shown that plants, especially succulents, purify the air by removing bad toxins, helping you maintain a healthy home. Other research conducted in Norway, has shown that plants help prevent disease by improving humidity in your home.
There are numerous studies on how plants affect your well-being - from increased concentration levels to aiding with quicker recovery when sick, the world and your home certainly needs more plants. Rather than buy a generic plant, come join us and create your own living piece of art with succulents. We know you will love it too!



succulent vessels
Lots of succulents to choose from
Typical Workshop Set-up
Janet and Matt, Hearty Leaf Team
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Succulent Workshop
Happy Workshop Attendees
Happy Workshop Attendees in action
Christmas Workshop Attendees
Pumpkin Succulent Arrangement Worksh
Pumpkin Succulent Arrangement Worksh
Pumpkin Succulent Arrangement Worksh
Holiday Succulent Arrangement
The Hearty Leaf Team